Over time, I discovered a desire to tell stories though video and media, which grew into a
career in film. I feel a duality of creative and practical skills, usually bridging the gap
between the two. As a creative, I can truly think outside the box. As logistical mind, I can
adapt projects to fit within the box. Always loving a challenge, I embrace managing large teams, complexities, and creating collaborative experiences. Seasoned with high pressure and challenging environments, I've completed projects in international remote locations, large crowds, working with foreign governments for access and many other obstacles. Familiar with international production, permits, carnets, visas, labor, union production, payroll, budgeting softwares, etc.

I can't wait to hear about your next project! Talk soon ⚡ Natasha



📍LA + World 🌎

On location for "Sanders" in Wayanad, Kerala, India - December 2022. 

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